Behind every successful event, stands a talented team. Our trio is bolstered by an exceptional cadre of assisting coordinators who ensure your wedding day unfolds seamlessly.

Owner, Lead Planner, Destination Planner: Aquina 

Hey there, I'm Aquina, the heart behind Authentically You. After spending years diving into the nitty-gritty of event planning in Kansas City, I noticed a big gap: diversity in weddings. My own background—a mix of Polish and Nigerian roots discovered through adoption—inspired me to infuse more cultural flair into celebrations. Growing up, I was surrounded by the glitz and glamour of the Kansas City Chiefs' world, thanks to my father, a former athlete with the team. Surprisingly, amidst the high-profile scene, I found my calling in the intricate world of event logistics. Now, I lived nestled on 8 beautiful acres just outside Kansas City with my husband Clint and our two kids, I've found the perfect balance between orchestrating unforgettable weddings and cherishing family moments. Our love for nature and travel shapes not just our family adventures but also infuses each celebration crafted by Authentically You with a genuine, heartfelt spirit. I'm all about authenticity, weaving unique stories into every wedding we create.

Lead Associate Planner, Cultural Planning Expert, Roya

Meet Roya, a wedding planner driven by a passion for celebrating diverse cultures and creating unforgettable moments. As someone who once struggled to find a planner attuned to the intricate nuances of her own and her husband's cultures, Roya entered the industry to ensure no bride experiences the same challenge. Her journey began at her cousin's American-Afghan wedding, where, as the maid of honor, she collaborated closely with Aquina and Mickaela to flawlessly execute every meticulous detail of the day.

Beyond orchestrating weddings, Roya shares her life with her best friend-turned-partner and their beloved four-legged furry companion. She finds immense joy in exploring new cultures, heritages, and traditions, drawing from her background as a first-generation Afghan in America. Despite her full-time job as a former international journalist, her passion for planning weddings in the Midwest and DMV area has steered her towards transitioning into a more active career path - a decision motivated by the joy it brings her and the chance to merge her diverse experiences into creating magical wedding moments. With a journey that began in event coordination in 2009 and expanded to weddings in 2016, Roya brings a wealth of experience, a deep understanding of cultural intricacies, and an unwavering commitment to making every wedding a reflection of love, diversity, and seamless beauty.

Lead Associate Coordinator, Mickaela 

Meet Mickaela, whose journey with Authentically You started as an AY bride in 2019, trusting Aquina and our team to turn her wedding dreams into reality. Going through the challenges of a pandemic-induced postponement alongside her partner Torr deepened Mickaela's fascination with the intricate world of wedding coordination. Working closely with Aquina revealed her natural talent for this craft, leading her to officially join us as an Associate Coordinator in 2022. Beyond her wedding expertise, Mickaela is passionate about empowering women to achieve their health and fitness goals through her fitness app, Flourish, which she launched in 2019. Outside of work, she and her husband are avid travelers and proud parents to three adorable fur babies. As a part of the AY team, Mickaela infuses an organic, personal touch into every wedding she coordinates, drawing from her own experiences to make your celebration truly exceptional. Her dedication and unique perspective enrich the journey of creating unforgettable moments for our couples.


Welcome to Authentically You, where we seamlessly weave your wedding dreams into timeless and intentional celebrations! Specializing in both traditional and destination weddings, our approach infuses every moment with an authentic touch, reflecting your individual style and cultural essence. We understand the intricate art of wedding planning, ensuring that every detail is meticulously crafted.

From coordinating traditional ceremonies to orchestrating destination events, our team possesses the real skillset to turn your special day into a seamless, joyous affair. Trust us not only to plan but flawlessly execute, creating a cherished memory for a lifetime.

Experience true diversity in our services, where we embrace and celebrate various cultural traditions and global influences in an organic and intentional way. Authentically You is more than a wedding planning company; we're your partners in creating an authentic celebration that reflects your unique love story with an organic, timeless, and intentional touch.   

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